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Vienna – Austria


IQC-Vienna, or International Quality Consulting-Vienna, is a company specializing in providing training, consulting, and auditing services. Their focus is on the implementation and improvement of management systems based on various ISO standards. The company offers services in areas such as Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Information Security. IQC-Vienna aims to help organizations improve their efficiency, achieve compliance, and ensure continual improvement through their expert guidance and training programs.


Our worldwide specialized and recognized partners issue our
Certificates and Diplomas. The Certificates & Diplomas come
for instance directly from EBC*L International, ATC AUSTRIA, I-LICS,
the International Localization Industry Certification System, etc.
Not only do the Certificates and Diplomas come from the international
partners but also the whole training concept.

COMPANY REGISTRATION FN 399116 k Vienna – Austria

(رقم التسجيل الرسمي بالمحكمة التجارية الرئيسية بفيينا / النمسا )