Call Center Management


Management of Customer Contact Centres (CCC)

In accordance with the European Standard EN 15838

Objectives of the training

Based on this training, attendees will be able to perform the following:

  1. Building & implementing of a CCC Organization according to the European Standard EN 15838.
  2. Planning and organizing of all related internal training programs
  3. All related tasks e.g. defining of specifications guideline for ordering, delivering, implementing and maintaining of all needed equipments, services and external experts of the CCC
  4. Permanent monitoring and evaluating of the project phases (project mile stones), results and reaction of all involved parties, e.g. work team, partners, media, public etc.
  5. Preparing for the related certification audit in accordance with the European Standard EN 15838

The training covers the following phases of a project plan:

Phase I (5 moduls)

  1. Preparation
  2. Analysis and definition of the situation. Analysis of all related activities, jobs, responsibilities, and tasks and recording of all needed job details.
  3. Strategic meetings & planning. Objective: Building / implementing / reconstructing of the CCC organization according to the modern ways of an efficient CCC quality management system, considering the needed requirements of the European Standard.
  4. Creating a CCC management strategy and policy, the CCC mission, objectives and quality targets
  5. Reporting and detailed strategically planning.

Phase II (14 moduls)

  1. Operational Preparation
  2. Process defining description according to the European Standard (relation to managerial processes, product realization processes, supporting processes. including all sub processes)
  3. Human resources management and recruitment processes
  4. Operational roles and responsibilities assigned in the CCC and relevant job descriptions.
  5. Training & coaching process, training plan & realization
  6. Process modelling according to the European Standard
  7. IT systems & Technical infrastructure of the CCC
  8. CCC back-up systems
  9. CCC agents work places
  10. Monitoring / gab analysis according to the Standard. How to define the missing requirements
  11. CCC procedures related to customer satisfaction, complaints handling and customer protection.
  12. CCC agreement(s) with its client organisation(s)
  13. Documentation structure: building the structure of the quality management system of the CCC Organization. Registration and record management. Indicator management
  14. Reporting

Phase III (6 moduls)

  1. Implementation, Evaluation and Improvement
  2. Processes in action. Correction of indicators.
  3. Internal audit.
  4. Management review
  5. Corrective actions and preparation for certification audit
  6. Reporting

Phase IV (6 moduls)

  1. Certification
  2. Final review of the processes
  3. Final review of the documentation
  4. Registering by Certification Body
  5. Certification Audit
  6. Final Report

Target groups:

* Call center managers, help desk managers, supervisors, and experienced team leaders

* Business professionals being transferred to the call center

* Professionals responsible for improving or re-organizing an existing center

* Managers and executives with call center oversight

* Leaders charged with forming a new call center department or business

* Recently promoted supervisors and team leads with expanding responsibilities

* Contact center recruiters, coaches, trainers, mentors and quality assurance professionals


Austrian Standard plus Certificat: CCC Manager in accordance with the requirements of the European Standard

EN 15838:2009

Certificat is valid for 3 years. It can be maintained and prolonged by means of refreshing course

Training duration

3 days


A Lead Auditor of the „Austrian Standard plus Certification“