Stephen Spriggs, founder and MD of the leading London Education Consultancy, shared his thoughts this week in a new statement, following the firm’s appearance at Westminster Education Forum to advise on the future of T-Levels.

Consultants from William Clarence Education took to Westminster on 18th June, after being invited to speak in front of government and industry leaders on the future of the new T-Levels. The firm took questions from key decision-makers, including UCAS chiefs, leading exam boards, University leaders, and other higher education institutions.

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Stephen Spriggs said of the event: “We are extremely honoured and flattered to have addressed such an esteemed audience of government and industry professionals and leaders, and a pleasure to be able to listen and address some of their concerns and perspectives on the topic of T-Levels in person. Since these new qualifications were announced, I have written extensively on the topic, and shared insights with many education publications. It is extremely rewarding that our strengths, knowledge and expertise in this field have been recognised as leading in such a dynamic and changing industry.”

When plans for the T-Levels – which will be introduced and taught from 2020 onwards – were first revealed, Stephen Spriggs shared a number of concerns with FE News after some of the top Universities were slow or reluctant to embrace the concept of these new qualifications. The main concern being that vocational qualifications may not be able to adequately instil in students the study skills and academic approach required to tackle a competitive degree course.

Following the success of the Westminster event, and in the wake of A-Level results day, Mr. Spriggs has issued a statement this week for students and families considering the new T-Levels, and the institutions considering how they will factor in to application and admissions processes, moving forward.

Mr Spriggs commented: “I feel that the T-Levels are yet to be proven as a solid, comparable alternative to A-Levels. However, they can certainly be considered as a parallel route instead of apprenticeships. We see a lot of University applications and know how important it is for Universities to attract able and talented students. Having a wider recruiting ground of grades, not just A-Levels or IB, could potentially aid Universities in running a wider selection of courses. The T-Levels are a great idea for students who wish to learn practical skills with a view to future employment, but I don’t think Universities should be obliged to take them on, considering the fundamental differences which exist between T-Levels and more traditional qualifications, such as the A-Level. Like many others, William Clarence will be watching how the DfE rolls them out with interest.”

William Clarence Education has emerged in recent years as a leading education consultancy in the UK. Following a busy and productive year, the firm was recently nominated in three categories in the EducationInvestor Awards 2018, including Education Consultancy of the Year. Since its inception, William Clarence has built an extensive network of international advisors and partnerships, enabling it to provide unrivalled insight into UK school placement, University and UCAS admissions, Oxbridge applications, and more.

The firm looks forward to getting more involved and advising future talks and forums within the government and Westminster, as the landscape of education in the UK continues to evolve.

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