Win for Proctorio and online education as a whole. Students of UvA and other similar universities can now continue their education from their own home without sacrificing integrity or the validity of the degrees they earned.

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, universities all over the world have been forced to transfer their physical learning environments to digital settings. The University of Amsterdam is no exception. Through their partnership with Proctorio, they are able to administer all proctored exams and quizzes to their students remotely through Proctorio’s learning integrity platform. However, their students expressed concerns over privacy and exam alternatives and took their case to the Amsterdam District Courts. On Thursday, June 4th, summary proceedings took place at the District Court in Amsterdam about the use of Proctorio software at UvA and other universities. On June 12th, the judge, HC Hoogeven, stated that UvA is permitted to continue using Proctorio and that software is, indeed, fully GDPR compliant.

“Before making a decision on proctoring, the UvA focused on privacy issues in particular. For example, it has been established that the data will only be accessible to authorized UvA staff. The images are encrypted slot88 and are stored on servers located in the EU. After thirty days everything is automatically deleted. It has also been established that the images will never be used for anything other than detecting possible fraud. The solution meets GDPR requirements and the Data Protection Officer has given a positive advice” (Section 2.11 of Summary Proceedings, Case #: C / 13/684665 / KG ZA 20-481 of the Court of Amsterdam – Executive Board letter response to unsolicited advice from the CSR, sent on 18.05.2020).

Proctorio and Privacy
Proctorio’s learning integrity platform has been designed with test taker privacy in mind. Proctorio also encrypts all exam-related data in three layers, so no data leaves the user’s personal device without being encrypted. The last of these layers is the industry-unique layer of zero-knowledge encryption. This allows no one, other than approved administrators or instructors at the institution, to access this data. Not even Proctorio employees have access to this exam-related data. Proctorio is fully GDPR compliant. All exam-related data stored by Proctorio is secured in European data centers located near the given partnered institution.

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